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Ed Pink knows quality is important and chooses parts from Robert Pond Motorsports.

Robert Pond Motorsports

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Robert Pond has built & raced Ford 427 engines for more than three decades.
He has set more records, and had more wins than any other racer using FE components. Racing his 1967 Fairlane in NHRA Stock Eliminator, he was the first NHRA stocker to run a 9-second pass. His record reads 9.90 @ 135.66 mph in a 3500 lb. Fairlane.

During his racing career, Robert discovered many weaknesses within the FE engine family. He founded Robert Pond Motorsports (“RPM”) and began testing his own engine components, using years of successful racing experience with the 427 Ford engine design to correct these weaknesses and boost performance.

427 Ford engine parts from Robert Pond are CNC machined for precision fit and performance.
We are proud of the high component quality of all components made by the Pond racing team, and look forward to working with you! Whether you are looking for better performance in your street machine, or racing machine, a custom-built 427 Ford engine, (or engine parts) from Robert Pond Motorsports will deliver the best performance, and the greatest value, anywhere on the planet. 

All Robert Pond Motorsports parts are made of prime ingot aluminum A356.  

Parts are heat treated to T6

We take pride in what goes into our parts so you can take pride in your ride.

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When you buy a 427 Ford FE type engine from Robert Pond Motorsports, you are buying the best 427 Ford FE type engine in the world.”