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The SOHC Ford block (“Cammer”) is an overhead cam version of the FE block, originally designed for stock car racing.  Ford built about 500 of them, and they were such a serious power-plant that NASCAR banned them when the competition threatened to withdraw.

The SOHC takes its inspiration from the side-oiler 427 block, and combines the technical superiority of Ford 255 cid cylinder heads, dual overhead cam, and the cubic inches of the 7000 rpm 427 "high riser" FE.  But the SOHC Ford block also has distinctive performance-enhancing features, including hemispherical combustion chambers and valve control that only overhead cams will allow.

Our SOHC Ford blocks are manufactured in both aluminum and cast iron. The specifics are the same as our wedge block, except they weigh 2 to 3 pounds more due to no lifter provisions and have a deck height of 10.170 instead of 10.155. Also, there are no oil passages in the lifter valley area. However, there is an oil return hole in the back of the block that is unique to the SOHC head.



We build the 427 Ford Cobra type engine from 600 hp to 760 hp that runs on pump gas. We also build the 427 Ford Cobra engine with a Eight Stack Classic Fuel Injection system. This fuel injection system offers the drivability, crisp throttle response, and fuel economy in line with a 48mm downdraft set-up. The system also offers significantly more flow than the original carburetors. Eight Stack CFI throttle bodies out-flow a typical 48mm downdraft carburetor by nearly 90 cfm per runner, for a total system enhancement of almost 720 cfm. Total system airflow is nearly 3,000 cfm, which is why the CFI system will support engines exceeding 750 hp.


Cylinder Heads

427 Ford cylinder heads from Robert Pond Motorsports were
 designed after the original 427 Ford SK-35369 head and have
 this SK part number. These heads have a 2.25 intake and 1.73
 exhaust valve.  They have much thicker decks and spring pad
 areas than the original Ford heads. These heads, as cast,
 make an excellent street head, and are the heads we
 used for our 427 crate engines, which make over 600 hp on
 pump gas. They come with our standard roller, hydraulic
 cam springs and steel retainers.


Intake Manifolds

This is a copy of the original Ford manifold, including casting number.  
     It is a direct replacement.



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