SOHC Ford Block, RPM Racing

SOHC Ford Block

The SOHC Ford block (“Cammer”) is an overhead cam
version of the FE block, originally designed for stock car
racing.  Ford built about 500 of them, and they
were such a serious power-plant that NASCAR banned
them when the competition threatened to withdraw.  

The SOHC takes its inspiration from the side-oiler
427 block, and combines the technical superiority of
Ford 255 cid cylinder heads, dual overhead cam,
and the cubic inches of the 7000 rpm 427 "high riser"
FE.  But the SOHC Ford block also has distinctive
performance-enhancing features, including
hemispherical combustion chambers and valve
control that only overhead cams will allow.

Our SOHC Ford blocks are manufactured in both
aluminum and cast iron. The specifics are the
same as our wedge block, except they weigh 2 to 3
pounds more due to no lifter provisions and have a
deck height of 10.170 instead of 10.155. Also, there are
no oil passages in the lifter valley area. However,
there is an oil return hole in the back of the block
that is unique to the SOHC head.

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RPM Racing

The SOHC Ford Block is part
of the RPM racing tradition.

427 Ford FE Type Engine