427 Ford Crate Engines

Ford Type SOHC Cylinder Head

Ford SOHC cylinder head

These 427 SOHC Cylinder Heads are a direct replacement
for the original head. The only visual difference is we have
added five additional bolt holes to the exhaust flange for better
gasket seal.

cylinder head

Head, as shipped are CNC ported on both exhaust and intake.
Flow is about 15% better than the stock Ford ports.

With a 2.35 intake and a 1.90 exhaust Head flowed at 28 inches
of water, the flow numbers are as follows:
393 intake @ .700 lift
270 exhaust @ .700 lift

427 SOCH Cylinder Head

These heads are far stronger than the original Ford heads with
a half inch thick deck and beefed up cam towers. Head comes
bare fitted with 11/32 guides and 119 cc chamber and seats.
This is the best and strongest SOHC Head ever.


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427 Ford Crate Engines

427 Ford Crate Engines