427 Ford Engine Block, Pond Engine Blocks FAQ

427 Ford Engine Block FAQ

What does a Robert Pond Motorsports
(RPM) 427 Ford FE Type aluminum engine
block weigh? 

135 lbs. 

What’s the weight of the original
Ford 427 FE iron block?

195 lbs.

How about the RPM FE Type iron block?

Those weigh 285 lbs.

What strength does the 427 engine
block have?

The 427 Ford FE type Pond engine block in aluminum
is much stronger than the original cast iron Ford block. 
The Pond engine block was internally redesigned
with siamese cylinders, the deck is .75 inch thick,
and the bottom end is extremely rigid, with redesigned
billit steel main caps and special ARP bolts and studs.

Aluminum is heat treated to T356. The cast iron
Pond engine block brinnells at over 225.

Is this as strong as the original
427 Ford engine block?

Yes – substantially more. People with the aluminum
Pond engine block are running over 1300 HP without
issues. These are 100% stronger than the original
cast iron.

What about the sleeves on the
427 Pond engine block?

The aluminum Pond engine block has spun ductile iron
sleeves that Brinnell at 280.

What about oil passages on the 427 block?

Oil passages are similar to a stock side oiler 427s.
They’ve been modified to be a priority oiling system
where the crankshaft main bearings are fed first, and the
lifter valley area is last.This is important because on the
original Ford 427 engine block, it was the other way
around. And you always oil critical things first! 

What freeze plugs are used?

427 Pond engine blocks have aluminum screw-in
freeze plugs and O-ringed grease plugs.

Do the 427 engine blocks you supply use the
same designations as the original Ford block?

Yes, they’re a drop-in replacement.  They have been
completely re-designed, and are technically superior,
but have the look of an original Ford block.

How big can you build your RPM FE type
engine block?

The aluminum Pond engine block can have a maximum
bore of 4.310 with a 4.375 crankshaft. This would give you
over 500 cubic inches.

The cast iron block would give you a maximum bore of 4.40.

What equipment do you use to
manufacture these blocks?

427 Ford Pond engine blocks are cast in a tightly
controlled foundry that, in addition to high-performance
engine blocks, specializes in low-porosity parts for mining
operations and steel mills.  There is no tolerance for error in
any of these applications.  Tooling was specifically
engineered by us for the 427, and we have advanced

CNC machining cells to make sure every feature is
precisely as it should be for maximum power and

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427 Ford Engine Block, Pond Engine Blocks

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